How to start

Learn how to start to use your Ballet Foot Stretch!

Ballet Foot Stretch How to use

Step 1

With a bent knee, place the tip of the toes right underneath the rolled elastic.
Ballet Foot Stretch How to use

Step 2

With the two hands, unroll the elastic over the foot, stretching it to the maximum so that it can cover the whole upper part of the foot.

Ballet Foot Stretch How to use

Step 3

As you put on the elastic, place the heel to the corresponding base of the footstretcher (right heel for left base, left heel for right base). It is important that one gets a snug fit into the elastic, making sure that the sole of the foot is in contact with the curves of the base.
Ballet Foot Stretch How to use

The Rubber Pad

The rubber pad adaptors raises the base level of the heel cup of the footstretcher, increasing the degree of push the elastic can give against the foot, thus, to improve further the flexibility, line, and strength of the foot. However, the use of the pad is only advisable as a progressive next step for the user who has already worked primarily for a certain period of time with the footstretcher. The rubber pad also can be used to facilitate individual foot adjustments for greater comfort and ease.

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