About us

A letter from the creator

Dear Friend,

My name is David Campos, inventor of this handy and very effective footstretcher dance tool, the Ballet Foot Stretch, the Original.

After a full and exciting dance career as soloist at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Antwerp, Belgium, I decided to dedicate myself to the teaching profession as ballet master of my own School in Barcelona, and also to choreograph and to direct my own professional dance company, Ballet David Campos.

From my observations and experience gained all these years with my dance school and company, I then asked myself: how can I most help these young dancers be able to improve further, apart from the daily classes and special exercises which they are already doing? The demand for excellent dancers internationally is constantly on the rise. Most particularly I observed the value of aesthetics and body conditions, in conjunction with artistic talent. I particularly observed and focused on the importance of the development of the legs and the feet, which inspired me to develop the idea of the footstretcher.

I tried to recall from my past experience, watching dancers putting and pushing their feet under the sofa or in almost any corner of the ballet studio just so that they could further improve their feet and hopefully, with better feet, dance better.

It was already then that I strongly felt that I had to devise a sure, safe and effective way to work on foot flexibility and strength, not only for my students but for every dancer outside who would need such help.

After several years of endless trials and tests, I finally arrived to create the unique footstretcher, the Ballet Foot Stretch tool which I applied to several of my students, with great results.

It would be good to note that some 2 decades ago, the term “footstretch” did not even exist for the ballet world, or was never used for any type of object related to the dance, except as a daily and inces- sant correction in class. Until, I finally introduced my invention of Ballet Foot Stretch in the market over 20 years ago. (In fact, my using the term “footstretch” aroused a friends skeptic reaction to its “marketability”.)

Now the acceptance of the use of the Ballet Foot Stretch, as a footstretching device, and its marketing success in the ballet world, has impulsed me to decide to introduce this product to dancers internationally.

Through the years, I can say that I am proud of the great and positive results of my invention which inspires me to continue my investigations on Ballet Foot Stretch Technology and to keep creating new and revolutionary designs and products for future generations of dancers.

Sincerely yours,

David Campos