Footlastic - Ballet Foot Stretch
Balletfootstretch technology has created a revolutionary product that will help you enjoy the use of your footstretcher more effectively, and with more comfort.

Footlastic is the unique elastic support that maximizes efficiency in the process of footstretching, in its safest form. Very easy and quick to insert and to remove your foot, saving you time to gain a better rhythm during your training.

  • Very easy to use
  • Less presure on the heel
  • 3 different work intensities
  • Excellent adaptation for any foot size
  • Longlasting quality
  • Non-deformable, with shape memory
  • Anti-fungus & anti-allergy material

New elastic band accesory

Footlastic - Ballet Footstretch

The best complement for your footstretcher

The Footlastic is specially designed to relieve unnecessary pressure on the heel. Minimizes and avoid the risk of posterior impingement, which can occur in some dancers' feet upon pointing, depending mainly on individual anatomic bone structure.
Footlastic  - Ballet FootstretchFootlasticTM provides two elastic foot holders of different intensities: the soft, and the strong. FootlasticTM soft, with hyper-flexible quality, offers the user the innovative function of a gentle push that allows stretching the foot, producing a very pleasant and relaxing sensation and a relieving elongating effect on the joints of the foot. Highly recommended for your first sessions with your footstretcher until you have perfect control upon use. Excellent for gentle stretching sessions in a rehabilitation process after an extended period of immobilization from injury.
Footlastic Duo - Ballet FootstretchfootlasticTM duo For users requiring an extra powerful pushing effect: Insert the footlasticTM strong inside the footlasticTM soft, the combination of which provides you a highly intensive thrust action on the foot. This is more recommended for professionals, or, for younger users, under the supervision of an experienced instructor.