Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo

Instructions for Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo

Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo
Ballt Foot Stretch Dynamo

Balletfootstretch® Dynamo, the latest development in BalletFootStretch® technology, the new revolutionary device, for you to perform your footstretching exercises, HANDFREE. Its innovative design allows you to stretch your foot in the most dynamic and correct way in a greater variety of leg positions and movements.

  • First, you can use the balletfootstretchTM Dynamo as the Original, controlling and manipulating the stretch with long handle in hand.
  • Second, and UNIQUE with your balletfootstretchTM Dynamo, you can remove the detachable long handle. With the leg strap accessory provided, you can tie the footstretcher on to the upper ankle. This allows your knee complete FREEDOM to bend and stretch, enabling you to perform a greater variet of dynamic floor exercises, HANDFREE.
  • Third, with this special HANDFREE ability, you will be able to stand by the barre, or any support, with your balletfootstretch TM Dynamo, and perform your exercises, such as battements fondus, and developpes.