The Slim

Ballet Foot Stretch Slim
Ballet Foot Stretch Slim

is an exciting new design for a more personal touch, with a dash of color, to inspire and accompany you in your daily dance training

A finer, sleek, more modern and sportive line added to the beauty of meticulously worked wood, and finished with an elegant inox cap Three different models according to your taste or type of activity.

Ballet Foot Stretch Slim is an inspiration for your feet to point to the top.

Ballet Foot Stretch SLIM with itss patented unique qualities is the perfect tool with accurately designed destails for beauty, efficiency and guaranteed effectivity.

The specific design of BALLET FOOT STRETCH to perform effectively and to ensure safe stretching is protected and patented (US Patent). Beware of imitations that try to approximate the Ballet Foot Stretch tool's patented design, whether in plastic or wood, that may exist in the market, besides infringing BALLET FOOT STRETCH copyright laws. We are not liable for any injuries caused by, or the ineffectivity of these imitations.