The Original

Original Ballet Foot Stretch


Since the 1920's, in the USA, there have been more than a dozen inventions with the purpose to acquire higher arched feet. Dancers have valued the importance of this aesthetic requirement of the feet to the present day. BalletFootStretch®, invented by David Campos® is the revolutionary tool to improve the foot arch.
BalletFootStretch® is a new concept, the original, first-of-its-kind footstretcher, for improving the aesthetics of the stretched foot. No metal joints, plastic, sharp screws nor springs.
Original Ballet Foot Stretch

Made of noble materials

The natural wood is a highly resistant raw material, meticulously carved and polished so that it is smooth and pleasant to the touch, specially thought for the delicate structure of the feet.
Ballet Foot Stretch Original


We can rightly say that, thanks to the BalletFootStretch® original conception, manufacture, and distribution, for over 20 years, to dancers, to ballet schools, and to dance companies all over the world, medical authorities on dance are paying more attention to this unique invention and recognizing its great effectiveness and safety as a complementary tool for the development of the dancer's feet flexibility and strength.

I+D in the service of dancers


After 5 initial years of trial and investigation by its inventor David Campos®, the BalletFootStretch® was presented to USA Patent Authorities, where it went through another 2 years of a thorough, costly, and rigorous process of study and product analysis. In the year 2000, the BalletFootStretch® was finally granted and considered an official USA Patent Product an original and valuable invention and device for the development of the feet of dancers.
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