What you should know about Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo

David Campos inventor of Ballet Foot Stretch
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David Campos, Inventor of the Ballet Foot Stretch Original

I am very excited to introduce the latest evolution of my product, Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo. Since its first design, the Ballet Foot Stretch Original (2000) has established and has proven to be the safest and most efficient method to achieve greater mobility of foot joints.

Already for sometime before the year 2000, as a dancer, I have always wondered why there were still not any existing more advanced methods for improving the arch of the foot. It was hard to believe to pass from the 20th to the 21st century without anyone having investigated some safe and effective method in dance training, besides the usual tendu exercises with an extra push, to help improve and develop further this required asset from the professional. And I say this, because, though hard to admit and believe it, to not have adequately arched feet can be equivalent to not get into a recognized ballet school of high standards, or, winning a competition, or, even getting a contract with a company.

Ballet Foot Stretch Slim - Degas

Now, some will say, "... but the arches of the feet do not represent everything what means to be a dancer ... his artistic side is more important," Yes, okay, but let us face it ... The world of ballet is based on artistic expression but, since a few decades ago, and the way dance standards have evolved, it has become more selective and competitive, also in terms of physical assets, such as feet aesthetics, as part of a whole and complete body language.

For this reason also, we, in the dance world have also looked for alternatives techniques,  best examples known are the Pilates or Gyrotonic methods, representing a great help in the physical preparation of dancers. But, until the appearance of the Ballet Foot Stretch Original, there was no method, nor tool, capable of facilitating a safe stretch of foot arch for more flexibility, with absolute control, and proper alignment as you push the foot.

With my personal experience also as jury of some ballet competitions, like in Spain and France, I can assure you that it is sometimes very sad to see the jury obliged to qualify with lower marks certain artistically talented candidates, just because they do not still possess to advantage that desirable asset of beautiful arched and worked feet .

Feet like Alexandra Ferri or Sylvie Guillem,  are now always more welcomed by the professional world. But, we have to accept, that there are also many young talented dance aspirants who do not have it so easy if not born with assets such as naturally arched feet. Surely, their chances for the future can increase enormously if, besides a correct and adequate training, they could improve and develop their feet further with a Ballet footstretcher, and not just putting their feet, for example, under the sofa.

Ballet Foot Stretch - Dynamo - Hansfree

The new Ballet Foot Stretch -Hands Free- Dynamo is an evolution of Ballet Foot Stretch technology that achieves an even more greater range and variety of movement and dynamics. This includes not only floor but also barre work onto one leg,  with more freedom for foot and leg exercises, to bend knees and straighten them, with a perfectly aligned foot and leg.

I feel deeply satisfied and honored to have helped with my invention of the Ballet Foot Stretch, and to present the new Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo, all these dancers, teachers, and gymnasts who are open and seek new alternatives, who feel responsible to achieve their personal goals, and who choose to progress in the best conditions for a better future.