The Pros and Cons of Ballet Foot Stretcher

Ballet Foot Stretch, the original by David Campos, was conceptuallized, created, and studied for almost two decades. A unique product, at that time, and till today, there has not yet been any alternative safe and handy method and tool to enhance the arches of the feet of the dancers.

Training techniques such as Pilates, Gyrotonics etc, have been developed and continue to evolve new ways to further help the dancer in working his body to reach higher levels of muscle tone, flexibility and strength. 

But what about feet?
Most commonly, dancers did what they could with self-created alternatives like putting the feet under the sofa or piano, or simply sitting on their ankles, which can be uncomfortable, and can provoke lesions.

Why do we say this?
Because such improvised methods lead to possible incorrect positioning and alignment of the stretched foot. Besides, these home-made methods may be putting an uncontrolled pressure in delicate zones of the feet, depending on individual foot structures, without the necessary protection and support that a carefully-designed device specific for this área, as the Ballet Foot Stretch guarantees, can provide.


Till now, with its controlled and unique elongated ergonomic design specially for dancers feet and legs,  Ballet Foot Stretch in fact, has helped many ballet dancers to prevent having foot injuries, warming-up and helping the feet to stretch further, before or after class, and in a controlled and correct alignment. Foot stretcher tool has proven to be safe and effective all throughout these years of its existence and use. We should note, and it is good to mention, that other elements can in fact cause more harm and injury to a dancer´s foot, and that these elements should also be corrected : such as hard and/or slippery dance floors, lack of warm-up before training, the improper shoe wear, poor nutrition, etc.

ballet foot stretcher

We are proud to claim that there are now many happy dancers and gymnasts  that use Ballet Foot Stretch these past years” Some comments from our clients published on our website:


Foot stretch original not only for dancers!I've been using the stretcher to improve the foot arch and it works well, i gained a lot and it's very usefull to train the foot arch to wear high heel footwear.Together with training exercises to strengthen the foot musscles it does the job! Going from 2 inch heels to 5 inch heels in a few months.


Amazing quality and results There is no other foot stretcher that does what the Original Ballet Footstretch does so well. Our dancers use the Footstretch on a regular basis and have seen huge improvements in their feet. The Footstretch makes it easy to get the correct form, so you get better results in less time. In addition to being a very functional product, its design is also is very durable, so you can take it anywhere without worrying about it holding up. You can buy lots of foot stretchers, but eventually you will want the Original Ballet Footstretch to get the results you're looking for!


I LOVE IT!!! Effective if you I do it everyday. Definitely the best one out on the market and safest for feet! No permanent damage can be done and I've definitely seen a difference in my feet :)


Best investment for my feet I work in the food industry as a chef and this stretcher has really helped me manage and get over any pain for long days in the kitchen! I would recommend this to any and everyone.


Improves your pointe! my daughter begged for this product and has been using it almost daily and seeing remarkable improvement in her pointe! Just what she was hoping for! A wonderful product!


Love It!! I absolutely love my ballet foot stretch! I have struggled with my feet for the longest time and had trouble finding a foot stretcher that would not hurt my achilles. This foot stretcher does not hurt my achilles and I saw so much inprovement in under 5 minutes! Thank you!! -Isabelle Age 12



Make sure that you buy the real product, Ballet Foot Stretch: The Original (the “mother” product,  made of quality design hand-crafted wood, The Slim (with colorful handle), or Dynamo (complete kit, with detachable handle ). Beware of copies or imitations of “footstretchers” that may exist in comercial outlets ( including online) which do not guarantee the security, safety or precisión design of the Ballet Foot Stretch product.


It is a shame that some sectors of the dance-world do not consider our approach as a valuable alternative tool for dancers for the reasons we have discussed. As we have entered the twenty-first century of great innovative technological advancements, the Ballet Foot Stretch opens a new door to help enhance and develop the feet and legs of dancers, something quite essential now as we move on to higher levels of ballet and sports. We have to open our minds to new propositions and methodical breakthroughs, such as the Ballet Foot Stretch proposes .

Since its beginning, Ballet Foot Stretch strives and seeks responsible, secure, and efficient solutions for dancers, working hand in hand and closely with the dancer to improve his art.

Ballet dancer professional
With David Campos Ballet School student Aleix Martinez Gold medall Prix de Lausanne 2008 

We believe that many may express their opinión, and a few may not agree with some terms,  but may we ask that the opinions by these few doubtful readers be expressed with a responsible, open-minded attitude such as we always have demonstrated in the defense of our highly- innovative product Ballet Foot Stretch. We have also the strong support of dance medicine practitioners and doctors, who themselves are using the tool in the dance institutions they work with, or even in their circle of therapies.


The reality is that Ballet Foot Stretch has come a long way, and throughout these years, we are secure in the knowledge of the effectiveness and safety of the Ballet Foot Stretch as a portable tool and as an alternative training method for dancers and gymnasts. We believe that we have pushed to a new realm of foot (and leg) dynamics, helping dancers and athletes in their quest for improvement to reach their goals.