The 5 Benefits of Ballet Foot Stretcher

Are you using a foot stretcher or are you thinking about buying it? 
We want to explain you the benefits of using the original Ballet Foot Stretch.


If you include a gentle session of footstretching in your warm-up before your class, with the Ballet Foot Stretch, you will feel your feet more elastic and warm, and ready to start and dance full-out.

Benefits foot stretcher original


Ballet Foot Stretch offers a highly dynamic and active stretch for your feet. It will benefit the elasticity and range of motion of the entire leg, from the foot and knee to the hip.

Benefits foot stretcher original


Before a performance, a competition or an audition, do not insert your foot under something heavy to feel the maximum stretch! Take your Ballet Foot Stretch with you and use it to prepare you safely and efficiently.

Benefits foot stretcher original


Do you have difficulty to rise up to your pointes? Try this: 
Insert your foot with your pointe shoe on into the foots tretcher and perform some Ballet Foot Stretch exercises. The foot stretcher will mold your pointes correctly and will help you rise to your pointes easier.

Benefits foot stretcher original


At night, you feel exhausted and your feet a little swollen? Lightly bathe your feet with cold water.  Then, after, try a few minutes of soft stretching with your Ballet Foot Stretcher. You will feel your feet, and legs, like new!

Benefits foot stretcher original