Medical Opinion about Ballet Foot Stretch

Dr. Núria Massó*
Licensed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Doctor of Medicine Specialties, Sports Medicine

“I have known of the Ballet Foot Stretch from its initial conception, since 15 years ago. It was designed especially to find a means to help achieve a greater and wider range of plantar flexion for dancers´feet. From my point of view as a speciallized dance therapist, I recognize the significant importance and usefulness of this invention to develop the dancers´ feet in a controlled, and yet dynamic, and safest stretching way possible.

Dr Núria Massó - El cuerpo en la danza - Ballet Foot Stretch

The Ballet Footstretcher provides a revolutionary alternative especially for young dancers. Due to the increasing demands and aesthetic standards required from the dance field, Ballet Foot Stretch gives the dancers of today the unique alternative way to acquire greater degree of mobility for their feet, stretching them further to the màximum, simultaneously strengthening positions, and lengthening leg line. Thus it saves them from having to resort to usual practices, such as introducing feet under a sofa, for example, exposing them to apply uncontrolled methods that could lead to future serious injuries or strains in sensitive areas of the foot. One of the most important advantages of this invention is its design, which offers a back support for the ankle, exerting a countervailing force upward against the downward elongated stretching pressure action , maintaining and protecting the space within the tibia, the talus and the calcaneus joint. The goal is to respect this sensitive joint area in those cases where plantar flexion stretching is taken further more than the usual. Respecting this area is important for preventing the most common ailment associated with excess plantar flexion, such as tendinopathies or rear ankle "impingement". In my book THE BODY IN DANCE (El cuerpo en la danza). Posture, Movement and Pathology, some of these ankle alterations are dealt with and discussed, and how to avoid them through sure methods with samples on how to use the safe and new Ballet Foot Stretch tool for dancers.” 

MEdical opinion Ballet Foot Stretch

*Licensed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Doctor of Medicine Specialties: Sports Medicine, Electrophysiological studies (Electromyography and Neurography) Experience in the healthcare field and electromiographist outpatient and hospital level. Ongoing work on the application of conventional and new techniques in the study of neuromuscular conditions. Founder and Director of the Medical Unit of Dance in Barcelona for the treatment of health problems in Dance and Performing Arts Electromyography.