Official Video Training Tutorial (Digital video - Not Dvd)

Perfect Gift for Ballet Dancers

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Is a DIGITAL video, a DOWNLOABLE file. NOT a DVD.

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This is the 1st Complete Tutorial with the Play&Follow system for more effective and safe training with your Ballet Foot Stretch Original, Slim, or Dynamo.

A 30 minute intensive training program for you to follow easily from your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

With the Play&Follow system, you can perform the program in real time so that you do not have to pause your device every time you have to change foot or exercise.

The Ballet Foot Stretch Original tutorial is created for a full dynamic training method, specifically ideallized for dancers.
It is based on the action of the foot in relationship with the knee and hip joint of the entire leg, with each movement and position. All groups of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, tighten or loosen and intertwine differently depending on the action.

With this new tutorial, you will discover a unique method, complementary to your dance training activities that will help you improve your foot, and your entire dance formation, in a safe, efficient and enjoyable way.